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i worshipped church way before it was cool to worship him

#once an actual celebrity has been on your blog the percentage that you worry about celebrities being on your blog goes down to 0%

RT Shorts: Spoiler Alert

Jason’s mom did it.

21 Aug 14 708 notes Rooster Teeth this is gonna be beside the point and all because yeah good short but um that Green Lantern hoodie Joel has? I want it I don't even like DC comics but that hoodie looks comfortable as frick and I look god in green *good not *god I meanI am Jesus Christ(ina) tho
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Chicken Parmesan Pasta in a Garlic Tomato Sauce

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Take a shit, fuck a bitch. (x)

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the luteces calmly dealing with booker’s shit

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"Bumping into people at high speeds should have been my true calling."

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Mass Effect Characters + House Words

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take this to your grave, i’ll take it to mine.

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you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls

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[Bolt] James 


Note: Third time’s a charm, but this is still toilet.

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“Hey, maybe I can come over and look for myself sometime,” Christina suggested hesitantly. James stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, unable to fight the grin. There were so many replies he had stored away for this moment. He would’ve loved nothing more than for her to come over to his house the way she used to.

“Yeah,” he said. “Maybe sometime.”


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“Did I leave my Stevie Nicks shirt at your place? I can’t find it. I’m here searching every inch of my room for it and it’s just… It’s not here! I called cause I wanted to know if you’d seen it. Maybe I left it there whenever I spent the night.”


21 Aug 14 christina liveblogs bolt

“I know we’ll never be in love again. I’m sorry I screwed you over. I just…” For the first time since meeting her, James realized she was struggling to find the right words to say. Her hand lingering in the air, she thrusted it forward. “This is me saying I forgive you, and I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re the bad guy. I’m offering my friendship.” His fingers twitched as he stared down at her hand. Gulping, he extended his own hand, grasping hers and shaking it once. Pressing his lips together, he let her go, knowing damn well the offer didn’t have a strong likelihood.

“Goodbye,” he said, at last being able to walk away. Leaving her behind, he crossed the street and wandering into the park. Pausing at the swings, he saw all the kids were gone, leaving the empty seats swaying in the wind.

the problem is like…. you take two people with huge mental issues like yours, and you put them into a sexual relationship and what happens isn’t that romance and you “fix” each other happens. everything fucking falls apart and nothing works out right and it’s actually chaos because what you’re essentially doing is exacerbating each other’s problems and you both need help but you won’t ever be good now because you all fucked it up IF YOU HAD MET IN COLLEGE WHEN YOUR SHIT WAS STRAIGHTENED OUT MAYBE IT COULD’VE BEEN OKAY AND MAYBE IT COULD’VE WORKED OUT IM GONNA COLLEGE AU BOLT!JALIE THIS IS BULL

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