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i worshipped church way before it was cool to worship him

#once an actual celebrity has been on your blog the percentage that you worry about celebrities being on your blog goes down to 0%

TRACK NAME: Just Like Heaven
ALBUM TITLE: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
ARTIST: The Cure
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[listens to a fall out boy song] yes this is my favorite [listens to another fall out boy song] this is also my favorite [listens to every fall out boy song] yes, my favorite

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"Might I suggest [Florida], sir?"

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This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 

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agent washington + best quotes: s12 e18
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rooster teeth employees: ryan haywood

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something sweet: a nightdrive to synthpop

"Cars can have a hypnotic effect. You can get in a car and get out and not really remember the trip. When you drive, you can kind of put your identity aside in the passenger’s seat, because you’re not being watched, and you can just be the watcher." —Ryan Gosling, on Drive

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A playlist of happy, alternative songs to listen to on your way to school.

"Woke up this morning early before my family, from this dream where she was trying to show me, how a life can move from the darkness, she said to get better."

[listen here]

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Can you imagine how fucking stoked Church would’ve been when he figured out that it was Hargrove who was responsible, and that ‘Holy shit you guys, I know the perfect fucking way to start this phone call. Just trust me.’

Do you think he practiced trying to do a southern accent for like thirty minutes while the rest of them were just standing around.

Church: “My dear chairma— nope, it needs more of a drawl…”

Carolina: “I swear to fucking christ Church….

Tucker: “Just read the damn letter already!”


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From your friends, the incredibly badass and sexually attractive
Red and Blue soldiers of Project Freelancer.
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Twenty One Pilots- Holding Onto You [Watch]
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